6 Days

Half of the lights in my house are dead. I am home alone with my three-year-old brother. There was a power outage earlier, which could very well happen again. I keep hearing the wooden floor creaking in the lounge room, but it could be my imagination. Real life creepypasta!

That made me feel better, I just had to get it out. On another note, this wiki officially hates me. I successfully saved and posted a pasta! I come back to check how it's doing. It's gone. I give up.

On second other note, I had an idea for a creepypasta. A cruise goes past a lighthouse with an SOS signal blinking into the night. They dock for a bit and the two captains look inside to see who is in distress. The bottom of the stairs is a bloodied massacre. They leave and to find the SOS signal has stopped and the light is just constantly flowing, as if it were normal. They sprint back to the ship to get going, but find the ship has been massacred too. Blood everywhere. They brave going upstairs because they can't really escape, and find a <unknown at this point in time> at the control panel. They run back downstairs but the second captain trips and dies on the stairs. The other one lives and hides outside for the rest of the night, but when a different ship comes by in the morning, he's gone and the only remains of the whole incident is the bloodied boat.

Is it okay? I'm not sure if it's too cheesy or cliché and if it isn't worth writing if rather just not do it. I don't have much luck with posting. Thank you to everyone who read this! Goodbye!