It seems this is my first blog post! Yay! Unnecessary information that you already know! Anyway, if you need an introduction of some kind, just look at my profile description. Now, onto important business.

I was reading the blogging rules and it said "The admin aren't stupid." This could mean one of two things. A typo, or a plural version of 'admin' alternate to 'admins'. I prefer the latter. Now, I over-thought about this like normal, when I thought, "What if the 'Admin' aren't the human-behind-the-screen moderator type internet workers we think they are? Now, I mean in no way to offend the admins who I very well know are human with families and friends and systems that survive on water rather than electricity or blood-for-food, I just wanted to share my idea (as the blogging rules suggest you could do in blog posts). I'm leaning more towards not making a cheesy little non-serious pasta about the tribe of Admin growing and taking over the world, but I guess if I get enough support in the comments - maybe three people saying they would like me to make a pasta about the admins and an admin saying they support it (or at least won't take offense to being called a murderous robot-like being) - then I may as well make one. Though it could be taken down, but hey, it's not going to be a ten out of ten piece that makes you feel anything, anyway.

Seeya next post! Maybe it won't be so weird next time!

EDIT: Oh! Okay! Upon reading the rules on here (props to the admin who a enter me the link for the rules, I apologise profusely for already forgetting your username. It's my brain's fault, not mine!) I would like to point out that if I do get the needed 'support' to make my vaguely (also known as not at all) scary admin 'fan-fiction' I will post it on the trollpasta wiki rather than this professional creepypasta wiki. I think I'm sort of on the edge of edit spamming, but I'm just going to hope that pointing out my recognition of a rule and stating that I will follow said rule whilst recognizing a different rule (and recognizing that I am half-on, half-off of being temporarily banned for disobeying that aforementioned rule) will save me from 'bannage'. That is all.