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  • Ellixin

    Creepypasta IRL +

    October 11, 2014 by Ellixin

    6 Days

    Half of the lights in my house are dead. I am home alone with my three-year-old brother. There was a power outage earlier, which could very well happen again. I keep hearing the wooden floor creaking in the lounge room, but it could be my imagination. Real life creepypasta!

    That made me feel better, I just had to get it out. On another note, this wiki officially hates me. I successfully saved and posted a pasta! I come back to check how it's doing. It's gone. I give up.

    On second other note, I had an idea for a creepypasta. A cruise goes past a lighthouse with an SOS signal blinking into the night. They dock for a bit and the two captains look inside to see who is in distress. The bottom of the stairs is a bloodied massacre. They leave…

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  • Ellixin

    Frustration and Fangirling

    October 10, 2014 by Ellixin

    -5 days-

    Beginning with the frustration mentioned in the title, I had the idea for that pasta the other day. P.S, thank you to the people who gave the advice on my previous blog!And I apologise for forgetting your usernames already. Continuing on... Halfway through writing, I went on the live chat tab I had up and, upon seeing little activity, went back to my pasta page in under ten seconds. My work was gone. I begrudgingly tried again, but it wasn't nearly as good since I was now forcing myself to try and recite the plot that I had already laid out. In frustration and annoyance at the music that was playing, I left safari (I use an iPad) to change the music playing on iTunes Radio. Upon returning to safari a few seconds later, I was faced …

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  • Ellixin

    First of all, I've realised this ultimately random blog is becoming a daily thing. Let's see how long that lasts with my regular tendencies to slack off.

    Next of all, I have a problem that no one can really do anything about. This Wiki Theme Contest is frustrating me. I made the first bar just a random bunch of notes that sound...interesting, to say the least. In a bad way. Also, I'm thinking about giving up with all of this tough competition by my side. I'm just using Notion and there are people playing real instruments, or people with an actual job to produce and compose working to win. I'm just a high school student with a passion for singing who can't even read music, muted by people who have studied music at universities and colleges a…

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  • Ellixin

    Halloween Dilemma

    October 8, 2014 by Ellixin

    Let's begin by saying that every Friday, I go to a youth group. We play games and have photo rallies and everything is all a lot of fun, but Halloween this year falls on a Friday. I'm not sure if we'll be trick-or-treating or even getting into costume, which makes me horribly terrified. I think I'll have to choose between Youth or Halloween. Please everybody, help me choose. I'm leaning towards Halloween, but I don't know.

    On a less tragic note, what are all doing for Halloween? I'm planning on being Eyeless Jack, if I do end up trick-or-treating. It'll be the simplest costume I've ever done. In the comments, how about you all leave what you'll be, and if you don't celebrate Halloween, why? It's fun as heck! Also, what do you do instead on …

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  • Ellixin

    IT. IS. Complete.

    October 7, 2014 by Ellixin

    I did end up making that troll pasta about the admin. Here you go.

    Enjoy! Now, I feel that this is a horribly wimpy excuse for a blog posts, so I shall add two things. One, I am currently finishing really good leftover pizza. Two, I am hoping to be participating in the theme contest. I shall be using an app called Notion, but I don't know if it'll go to YouTube. I really hope it will work. It seems that there is some tough competition, but I'm pretty confident in my work. I'm still debating on whether or not to add lyrics and sing, but I don't think I will.

    That is all.

    The admin are not stupid.

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