aka Elaine/Ela Liser

  • I live in Melancholy Hill
  • I was born on December 27
  • My occupation is i do art, mostly, with a lot of piano and some animation
  • I am a hella hottie
  • Elaliser

    The admin who banned me won't answer, so I will just write this right here.

    The reason I had been banned from chat was because of "death threats" to a person who wasn't even in the chat.

    I do admit I had been over the line to say "kill yourself," but the person wasn't even in the chat. He was banned for spamming, so how could he have possibly been offended by something he wasn't there to see? What kind of logic is that?

    Also, it wasn't a "death threat" like Lil had said. I was just telling him to kill himself. No where in there did I mention wanting to harm him in anyway.


    A death threat is a threat made by a person or a group of people to hurt or kill people or a group of people.

    Did I ever say anything like that? No.

    So yeah,…

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  • Elaliser

    Jeff the Killer is a terrible Creepypasta.

    Yep, I said it, and don't get your fuckin' panties in a twist because of it.

    Jeff the Killer has so many mistakes it is almost embarrassing towards the author, and I do not understand how it became so popular since it is probably one of the most shitty, poorly written Creepypasta's on this whole website. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, "How can this idiotic girl even think for one second that Jeff the Killer, possibly the most popular pasta on this site, is bad?" Yep, that is me, but I actually have a good reason for it, so before you go screaming at me in all caps, contain your hormones and listen here because I will give you the reason(s) on why it is so terrible. Trust me, after this I bet you…

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  • Elaliser

    Just a rant

    January 28, 2014 by Elaliser

      I am really starting to slowly hate this site. I mean seriously, all of the creepypasta's are becoming the "skeleton poped out"  pasta's. The Creepypasta of the Month, The Cell Phone Game, is extremely stupid, also. It's like finding something that can really scare you is completely gone.

    Lets talk about The Cell Phone Game

     First of all, there HAS to be a better pasta than this. I mean, c'mon guys. It is literally completely predictable and terrible. "ooooooh hes a nazi guy" or "oooooh ppl r dyin from cel fone gaim" is completely and utterly stupid. The story goes by extremely quick, and it leaves me feeling unsatisfied.

    Lets talk about the rules

      Let's face it guys, there will probably never be another completely original pasta. Everything…

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