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  • I live in London, UK
  • I was born on December 27
  • I am Male
  • Eddy23911

    Update #1: Zelda Classic

    Ok I was thinking for a 6th Creepypasta I could write a creepypasta based on Zelda Classic (you guys will eventually know what it is). Even though there's an overload of Zelda pastas, I'm gonna try and make this one more unique and it is will have nothing to do with BEN or any other Zelda-related stuff.

    Apparently, Die.avi seems to be my most popular one, but I'm gonna try and make this one quite cool.

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  • Eddy23911

    Just a little announcement that I will be posting quite a lot of Creepypastas sometime this week. I might be able to do one today but I will be posting lots soon.

    But the problem is that I dunno what to write a Creepypasta about... gonna need some thinking for that.

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