• I live in A place with wi-fi.
  • I was born on January 27
  • My occupation is Chilling
  • I am A dude. Dude.
  • Eculeus666

    Happypasta Wiki

    April 1, 2012 by Eculeus666

    It... well, it... it BURNS!!!

    My eyes do not approve D:

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  • Eculeus666

    Who's Cool?

    January 12, 2012 by Eculeus666
    is :D


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  • Eculeus666

    I've been seeing more and more of these eyesores; pages people write up that have nothing but a recipe for some dish like creepy pancakes or cheese that looks like a pumpkin. Some people might enjoy them but I can honestly say that I don't whatsoever. In fact, I see them as a type of spam, due to this being a wiki designed for the creation and storage of creepypastas and that they're posting "scary" food.

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  • Eculeus666

    Game Pasta Realization

    December 22, 2011 by Eculeus666

    It has come to my attention recently that the level of Game Pastas is increasing exponentially. And I've noticed something. The storyline is always as follows:

    • I clicked X like 23539275 times but it didn't close.
    • I couldn't open anything else.
    • The shutdown button didn't work.
    • My thoughts wouldn't let me unplug it.

    Why does nobody ever just Alt+F4 or Ctrl+Alt+Del? Do Windows keybind shortcuts just disappear from mind or not work when a haunted game strikes you?

    Am I the only one to realize this? Stalk much? ~Eculeus666 08:14, December 22, 2011 (UTC)

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