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aka Graydon Lancaster

  • I live in The dark side of the Moon, duh. Where else?
  • My occupation is Proffesional Smartass
  • I am stupid
  • Ecuinach The Liar

    Okay, about two weeks ago me and the Hooded Werewolf began a collab for a full length spinoff to my micropasta, Eons. He has not been online in a while, and I don't want to abandon this story, so I will post a link here. This is just the begining of the outline and the backstory so far, and I need help - Starlight

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  • Ecuinach The Liar

    Hey, just wanted to type this post up so you guys know where I am. I am going to be inactive for about a month, because Dark Souls II just came out and that is going to be taking up my time.

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  • Ecuinach The Liar

    Comment what monsters / killers you would like me to sketch. Must have a full description and pose. No scenes, only portraits. Two characters may be drawn on special request. Color may be added on special request. I have access to graphite, acrylic paint, markers, black ink, or colored pencils.


    Also, Avatars may be done on special request.

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