Hello, this is Ecuinach, or as most people know me, Gray.

I am the newest moderator on this wiki, and have only been so for about two weeks. Er, that's about it. In that time I've been doing my job to the best of my ability. One very important thing to note was that when I was promoted, I did NOT have the required edits (and still don't, more on that in a moment). This requirement was overruled because I had spent several days as a temp mod, and (according to others at least) did a surpurb job.

Why should I keep my rights? Hell, I don't even technicly have the requirements, and have failed to furfill my promise to get them. However, this is because I am currently on vacation, and I have limted computer access. As soon as I return home I plan on returning to consistantly editing, reviewing, and writing. Another reason I think I should retain my rights is that I do my absolute best to impartially enforce the rules. Obviously, some slip through the cracks occasionally while I'm AFK, but if I am informed of something happening while I was gone I try to do the required measures.

Yes, I may not be the greatest mod, but I am still new and learning. Just keep in mind there is a very good reason that I was modded despite the excess of mods and lack of requirements.