To be completely honest, it seems unfair.

In the forum post, everyone had expected it to be shutdown 2-3 weeks from now. This would of kept anyone from being caught off guard, missing the news, etc. At the very least, the moderators should of got some warning, after all we have dedicated a large portion of our lives helping the chat we love.

Not to mention, it completely renders the recent "Natural Selection" completely pointless and just a source of more of this chat "drama" everyone seems to just love around here.

And finally, it hurts. It really does. I worked incredibly hard in order to become a moderator. It feels like all that was just stripped away from me. It makes me feel unimportant and unwanted to be tossed away without even a hint of a warning.

I've had a lot of great friends here. Some I've been closer to than any other person I know. And now, all that is gone. Most of them I have no way of contacting again. And if this is permanet, I probably won't be sticking around much longer. Yeah, I edit and review and write, but to be honest, that was an after thought. I'm active in the forums, sure, but it doesn't have the same organic feel of the chat, where you can just talk about whatever bullshit strikes your mood, and I don't have any real friends there. What was important to me here, what held me here like glue, was the chat and more importantly, and friends I made there.

I supose what I'm trying to say is goodbye. Goodbye, Steve, and Nooth, and Zy, and many many others I will most likely not to get to talk to again. I love you guys, I really do. I might hang around a bit longer and hope, but without the glue there isn't much holding me here.


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