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A while back, I made another blogpost like this. It didn't go so hot. I was overflowed with requests, and I never had time to do them all. I wanted to try it again, as I don't have many ideas ATM. However, I am going to implement a few rules.

- Just because you request it, doesn't mean I'll draw it. I have school and other obligations. I will never be able to draw all my requests.

- Please keep it creepypasta related. Whether you want me to draw Slendy, or your own personal nightmare, I perfer to draw horror related things. I may also accept some fantasy requests like dragons or knights.

- I mainly do potraits and sketchs. You may request a scene, but you'll be lucky if I do it.

- Only graphite and ink. I can also use colored pencils, and MAYBE digital. I am very inexperianced at digital, so if you request it, it might not be as high quality.

- I'm not a perfect artist. I am still learning, so don't whine to me if your request isn't done perfectly.

Here is some images of my previous work. (NOTE: Not all of these are mine, some are images that I saved for other reasons, such as avatars)

Leave your requests in the comments!

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