aka Kam is fine...

  • I live in my head.
  • My occupation is a lot of things.
  • I am Gender fluid, technically female.
  • EbonyArsenic


    January 27, 2015 by EbonyArsenic

    Well, hello everyone. It's been a while since I've been part of the community and I do hope you don't remember me, as I was a noob then (and I am still one now, albeit a bit smarter of one) and I made several mistakes. For now, you can call be Ebony, Arsenic, Raven, or Kam- whichever one appeals to you more is fine. I have earned several more names in my years, but I don't care to share them, nor to be called by them. I'm only here to expolre, learn, research, and entertain myself and others. I don't care much for people, as I'm a schzoid, and I can tell you now I'm a freak. If you truly would like to know I will share more inrformation about myself and I will do so without shame. Whether you belive these details or not is for you to decid…

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