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    The Coin

    October 2, 2013 by Ebon The Haze

    Please note: This is not a story but a informative text which is designed to make you aware of a seemingly harmless object. 

    Description: The Object is a bronze large coin about the same size of a drivers license which has a strange unrecognizable figure or statue engraved on one side.

    Locations: The Object has been noticed only in the southern hemisphere and is believed to only be within the possession of those within the "Teenage" age group some listed country's it has been reported in..

    • Australia NSW
    • New Zealand
    • South America
    • Barley

    Hazard: The Object has been accused of causing degenerate behavior but as doctors examined it they stated "Its nothing more than a bronze coin.." However all those who touch the object within the following week exp…

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