Hey guys. I'm having a creepypasta contest! The winner will get a free drawing!

Rules: The contest will last for one full week starting monday. You have to get your submissions in before 12:00 PM next sunday. I will NOT take in late submissions! Please leave a comment on here or on my creepypasta account if you make a submission. It's not my fault if I don't read your pasta because you didn't tell me you made one. The storys can only be 5 paragraphs long, I can't spend time on really long pastas. Please only submit your pastas once! And you CANNOT submit MORE THAN ONE PASTA. That will create a HUGE problem and you will be disqualified. Finally, be fair! Don't brag and make others feel bad about their pastas.

I will ask two admins that are not submitting a story to help me judge the pastas. There will be 3 winners. third and second will be given minor prizes, and first place will receive options for the prize.</span>

Finally: Everyone will get a chance! No admin can tell you that you can't submit a story! If you are a admin and you are helping me, please do not tell someone they can't submit a story. It doesn't matter who it is.</span>

If you have some questions please ask me! My creepypasta account is:

If your a admin and you want to help me leave a comment.