aka Dan

  • I live in Slovenija
  • I was born on December 22
  • My occupation is Lying in the sun and scraching the couch.
  • I am a cat.

    Sorry i didn't update, but i was sick.  But this  time i have something special for you, so hopefulle it will be worth the wait. And im not Gabe Newel!

    This weeks top horror game, is a half game and half comick book.

    Were talking about BONG CHONG DONG GHOST. This is a interactive internet comic, that houses some jump scares. Its about a young girl that meets a deamon like human on the street. It has an ANIME art stile, and eaven sound. Once youv read it once, its not the same reading it a second time, because you know when the scare are coming. But as a one time experience its AWSOME. And its beter as a groop activeti to. But its manelly used to scare friends.

    "Hey dude. have you seen that new comic?" "No... what's it about?" "Dude just wach …

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