• DuncanAernisMaleron

    This is Duncan. I will not be able to keep pace with my previous timeline due to an increased work load at my college. I will continue to work within the wiki and I'll review, what I see, to the best to my abilities. 

    At present, the final story in the Abyss trilogy is titled "Antipathy" and it will be finished and shortly followed with a one shot called "Harriet".

    I will be posting a new narration on Sunday. Thank you for your time. 

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  • DuncanAernisMaleron

    Upcoming Works

    January 11, 2014 by DuncanAernisMaleron

    Hello, I am Duncan. I will posting as frequently as I can with these stories that haunt my waking hours. This is a layout of releases. This is subject to change in relation to my work away from home and whatever I'm compelled to write. 

    1. Primeval Series
      1. Abyss by Duncan Aernis Maleron
      2. Eidolon by Duncan Aernis Maleron
      3. Antipathy (1/26)
    2. Barbarism Series
      1. Harriet (1/15)
      2. Regalia (1/17)
      3. Maul (1/23)

    If you have a moment I would greatly appreciate if you read and reviewed Abyss. 

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