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Dublinjd September 25, 2013 User blog:Dublinjd

Hello, my name is Dublinjd. My real name is Heinrich Sclitz. I am an everyday man.

My hobbies include:

Video Games


I love using my Piano, but I also love Collage.

You see I am training to get a PH.D I already have my Masters, but I am near ready to earn it and when I do. I can finally get a house, then a job. And get work as a writer.

Creepypasta's are really great, and I am hoping to get a reputation around the site. Hopefully I can make a name for myself here. And try to make some friends along the way.

I also love instruments and I have:

Cassio PT87 Synth Keyboard.

Fender Strat

Fender Jazz Bass

Fender Precision Bass

Fender Maurader

Fender Telecaster

Les Paul Gibson

Martin Acoustic.

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