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Hey my name is Daniel. I am a male and I live in the US. Those are the obvious facts about me, now on to some stuff you may not know. I am 20 years old as of 5 days ago. I love Linguistics and languages in general. My first language is obviously English, but I also speak French nearly fluently, and I know a good deal of German and Spanish. I am a conlanger, or in other words, I create constructed languages, however I haven't gotten one off the ground yet because I'm a bit of a perfectionist. I love horror, which is the reason I joined the creepy pasta wiki. I also love to write poetry and prose in my free time, who knows maybe I'll write a pasta I feel is worth posting someday. I'm also a musician, I play bass and guitar and I've been playing around with writing longer multi-instrument compositions. So yeah, there's my about me, if you'd like to ask me anything you can do so on here, just ask for my email.

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