So I need help with a project. Basically, I do NOT like this version of Happy Appy on the wiki, okay? It's half-assed it could seriously break multiple records for half-assery (there's a reason why; I was forced to end the pasta). Well, I want to make that version less half-assed. I know how to do it, actually. You see, I have this thing called "Happy Appy: The True Vision". It's a less half-assed version of Happy Appy, with new pictures, a lot less narm, more gorn, and less plot holes. I like this version, although some people like the original version better. I have a way to keep both versions on the wiki.

And that is where I need help. I am one edit away from completing the True Vision, and it's not ready for release yet. You see, I need some critiques on the story to make it a lot less flawed I know the story's as long as shit (actually, the True Vision is even longer!), but if you took the time to look at the more flawed parts of the story (Protip: Go to October 19th, 2011 and continue from there), it would really benefit this project. You can put the criticism either on this blog post, the talk page of the True Vision, or even on my talk page on both wikis (this one and the Happy Appy one).

When I'm done with editing the True Vision, I'll contact an admin to unlock the page so I can do some heavy editing (and don't even try to revert it to the retconned version, okay). I will put the original version of the story on a page called "Happy Appy/Original Version". The main Happy Appy page will contain the True Vision, but with some name changing (I changed Gerasim to Rodger Forstner and Blair to Trestan Yae). The link for the Original Version will be put on the end of the pasta to hide the fact that the story's fake (of course, if you read this blog, it's not so secret, huh?).

There is a deadline to when you can submit criticism, which is June 27th. That's an whole week to get your critiques in. I will accept any form; picture, text, harsh, or nice. I will compile the problems onto a notepad file and fix the story in a massive final edit. Also, you're not limited to one critique. You can send in as many as you like. However, there's one limitation; although a few of you want me to, I actually cannot remove Forenzik. It would just put so many things out of order. Sorry. The most I can do is remove some appearences.

But enough explaining; here's the link. And just to say it again; RODGER FORSTNER IS GERASIM YAKOVLEV AND TRESTAN YAE IS BLAIR MEYES.