Note: This is not supposed to be a creepypasta for the site. It is my thoughts when I saw the commercial for Pillow Pets.

I know you might not see what I'm seeing, but please listen.

I was watching a TV commercial the other day on Pillow Pets. You've probably seen the commercial or a stand of them in a store. If you haven't, they're pretty much stuffed dolls that can unfold into a pillow, hence the name. Now, I was watching the commercial, and I thought "Hey, when the pets are unfolded, they look like a bear skin rug." And then it struck me. In the main shape of the pet, it resembles a animal (or person, if you own one like Dora the Explorer) and is perfectly healthy, albeit with a strap on their belly holding them in place.

When you pull the strap, you pretty much kill the animal or human, while turning them into a bear skin rug. IIt might sound a little disturbing, but the process of making a bear skin rug is as follows (from eHow); "Skin the bear immediately, removing as much fat and flesh as possible. Take care removing the skin around the face and claws. Cut out the foot pads, remove the toe bones up to the claws, split the lips and eyelids and turn the ear inside out to prevent spoilage."

To add more fuel to the fire, the choice of selection for the pets are...interesting. Obviously, we know that there are human Pillow Pets. But there's some based on endangered species. There's a Pillow Pet based on a giant panda, whose endangerment level is the "Endangered" level. There's also a tiger one, which is also endangered. With these (unedited) colclusions, the Pillow Pets are pretty much saying this to children;

"Hey kids! Want to grow up and force species to extinction by becoming an illegal big game hunter? Or do you want to follow in the footsteps of Ed Gein and make skin rugs out of other people? Then buy a Pillow Pet today!"

And yes, I was tired while making this.