This isn't related to Project Bluebombs, okay?

Who is this I.M. Meen fellow?

Ignatius Mortimer Meen (Yes, that's his real name) is this old crotchedy guy who hates children, and puts them in his labyrinth. No, there were no pedophilia undertones; that's really what the first game was about. You played as either Scott or Katie as you went and killed things in I.M. Meen's labyrinth.

Why would it need a sequel? It (the original) sounds like shit.

Actually, the first game is shit. It's a edutainment game, which is already a warning. Playing the game reveals that it's a knockoff of Wolfenstein 3D. Also, the animation for the game were done by the same guys who brought us the CD-i Zelda games (except for Zelda's Adventure). Now, why would it need a sequel?

Because of Youtube Poops, that's why.

What are Youtube Poops? What's the plot of the sequel?

Youtube Poops are videos on Youtube that mash up videos and make characters say swears. It's incredibly stupid, but that's because it is.

In I.M. Meen 2, a man named Morshu (a shopkeeper in one of the CD-i games) has his rupees stolen by Meen himself. Morshu goes to Meen's labyrinth and gets his rupees back. Along the way, you fight other Youtube Poop characters, and progress through his labyrinth.

What state is the game in? When will it be released?

It's currently in a public alpha testing at Game Maker's website. You can test out the levels made for the alpha test, and you can even report bugs you find in the game. I originally planned it to be released on Leap Day, but as I realize how much I need to do, I must delay the release to late March, or the more accurate release date of "WHEN IT'S DONE!"

Where's the link?

Right here:

I think it might contain viruses!!!!!

I think it does not. Before uploading to YoYo Games is done, a virus scan must happen before the game gets publicly released. Every time I have uploaded the game to YoYo Games, it comes out with the same response; approved.