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Dronian October 30, 2011 User blog:Dronian

I have some news about Happy Appy.

First, the pasta will be split into 3 almost equal acts, the first two containing 18 posts each (minus the second posts). On the last post of the third act, I will officially consider Happy Appy 'done' and only update it if I find any grammar mistakes and major plot holes.

The acts are as follows;

Act 1: Most episodes found, Forenzik starts appearing, and the studio collapses. February 23rd - August 4th.

Act 2: Happy Appy and the Quest for the Golden Apple bought and repaired, Mean Miranda found, first duet episode of Season 2 found, Forenzik starts appearing a lot more, and some images are found on the blogger's desktop. August 15th - September 11th.

Act 3: All episodes recovered and found, Forenzik appears more, and dies. Has 17 posts instead of 18. September 12th - November 9th

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