Hey guys. I've been recently discovering unused paragraphs and posts for Happy Appy. They range from a new intro that introduces why Gerasim wants to bring Happy Appy into the light (and mentions two lost movies as well), to a theory by him that might explain the 9/11 scene, to a interview with Kevin Costo that explains more on how Happy Appy was made. I personally think it's a better story overall, and manages to explain more than what Happy did. I have three links related to unreleased parts. The first link is

These are the unused posts and paragraphs all by themselves. Oh, and it also has some unused endings that I never felt were right for the pasta. Since the page isn't completed, you can't add it to the Creepypasta Wiki just yet. The second link is This page, when done, will store old rough drafts of Happy Appy. The only one on there is a draft from the MSPA Forums. It inspired more of the pasta, albeit cliched. The final link is This is just Happy Appy, but with the missing blog posts and paragraphs readded to where they belong, plus the removal of the infamous {C. If it wasn't for all the (somewhat useless) comments, this is what Happy would have looked like, had I (and Ydoc) finished it. I prefer this version over the one on this wiki. Check them out, they're interesting.

As time goes by, I will add more posts to the first and third links. The ones I expect to be added first are interviews with Jim Forester, Blair Meyes, and Ray Bollia. Then, I'll probably add in the 10 years later scene in the original version of the pasta, but with some changes added to it. Finally, I'll fix some parts of the pasta that needed fixing or were just stupid in my opinion.