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Dronian March 20, 2013 User blog:Dronian
Crepypasta ref

So, I'm working on this spider web thing. If a Creepypasta has done one of these four things;

  1. Reference another Creepypasta in name (i.e. Binary DNA mentioning Suicidemouse.avi)
  1. Reference another Creepypasta, but not in name (can't really find an example for this to be honest)
  2. Does one of the two things above in a former, famous revision (i.e. Happy Appy's original version mentioning Zalgo)
  1. Had a crossover with another Creepypasta (i.e. Jeff the Killer VS Jane the Killer )

then it gets added to the chart to the right. Unfortunately, due to me not knowing enough about other Creepypastas, it's very incomplete. That's where I need your help. If you find a Creepypasta that references another, tell me, and I will add it to the chart. In a week, I will upload a new, updated version.

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