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    So, I'm working on this spider web thing. If a Creepypasta has done one of these four things;

    1. Reference another Creepypasta in name (i.e. Binary DNA mentioning Suicidemouse.avi)
    1. Reference another Creepypasta, but not in name (can't really find an example for this to be honest)
    2. Does one of the two things above in a former, famous revision (i.e. Happy Appy's original version mentioning Zalgo)
    1. Had a crossover with another Creepypasta (i.e. Jeff the Killer VS Jane the Killer )

    then it gets added to the chart to the right. Unfortunately, due to me not knowing enough about other Creepypastas, it's very incomplete. That's where I need your help. If you find a Creepypasta that references another, tell me, and I will add it to the chart. In a week, …

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  • Dronian

    A year ago, I made a blog post on my personal ranking guide for Creepypastas. I decided to update it by putting examples and what qualifies to be in a class. That's all to say about the summary of this blog.

    Simply put, these are pastas that exceed expectations amazingly, and could easily qualify for PotM.

    A-Class pastas usually have one or more of the following;

    • Very good spelling and grammar
    • Well-made shock endings
    • Plots and/or monsters that could actually keep you awake for days
    • Don't use cliches at all

    Examples would be The Cleansing and The Russian Sleep Experiment, as well as anything that's been elected for PotM (except for maybe Binary DNA) and/or in the Suggested Reading category just to name a few.

    These pastas are pretty good, but aren'…

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  • Dronian

    So I need help with a project. Basically, I do NOT like this version of Happy Appy on the wiki, okay? It's half-assed it could seriously break multiple records for half-assery (there's a reason why; I was forced to end the pasta). Well, I want to make that version less half-assed. I know how to do it, actually. You see, I have this thing called "Happy Appy: The True Vision". It's a less half-assed version of Happy Appy, with new pictures, a lot less narm, more gorn, and less plot holes. I like this version, although some people like the original version better. I have a way to keep both versions on the wiki.

    And that is where I need help. I am one edit away from completing the True Vision, and it's not ready for release yet. You s…

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  • Dronian

    I.M. Meen 2

    February 25, 2012 by Dronian

    This isn't related to Project Bluebombs, okay?

    Who is this I.M. Meen fellow?

    Ignatius Mortimer Meen (Yes, that's his real name) is this old crotchedy guy who hates children, and puts them in his labyrinth. No, there were no pedophilia undertones; that's really what the first game was about. You played as either Scott or Katie as you went and killed things in I.M. Meen's labyrinth.

    Why would it need a sequel? It (the original) sounds like shit.

    Actually, the first game is shit. It's a edutainment game, which is already a warning. Playing the game reveals that it's a knockoff of Wolfenstein 3D. Also, the animation for the game were done by the same guys who brought us the CD-i Zelda games (except for Zelda's Adventure). Now, why would it need a …

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  • Dronian

    Note: This is not supposed to be a creepypasta for the site. It is my thoughts when I saw the commercial for Pillow Pets.

    I know you might not see what I'm seeing, but please listen.

    I was watching a TV commercial the other day on Pillow Pets. You've probably seen the commercial or a stand of them in a store. If you haven't, they're pretty much stuffed dolls that can unfold into a pillow, hence the name. Now, I was watching the commercial, and I thought "Hey, when the pets are unfolded, they look like a bear skin rug." And then it struck me. In the main shape of the pet, it resembles a animal (or person, if you own one like Dora the Explorer) and is perfectly healthy, albeit with a strap on their belly holding them in place.

    When you pull the…

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