aka Rachel

  • I live in Hyrule
  • I was born on December 11
  • My occupation is I'm a seasick magic baby seal
  • I am female
  • Dresoria


    September 4, 2013 by Dresoria

    So, since I'm here, I decided I'd post some of my memories here. They aren't gonna be scary or anything, but in my point of view, as a child back then, it was all twisted and strange for me..

    first, the things you should know, I live on the mountain about 5 minutes away from the forest, but that doesn't matter for now, since I will talk about some of the older residents.. And also, not many people live where I do, most of them have already moved away or they died because of accidents or old age, so right now, I don't know anyone here, but I used to..

    I don't even know how many years ago it was, but I remember that a few houses away from ours, there was an old house (it's still here), and there used to live a strange man.. he never came out, …

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  • Dresoria

    No idea

    September 4, 2013 by Dresoria

    I have no idea why I'm doing this

    I have no idea what's going on

    Something strange is happening and I have no idea what it is

    It's annoying

    Sometimes I even start hallucinating

    And I...don't know..


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