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February 5, 2014
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  • Dragonlord247

    I forgot the name of it and I know some of it, I know it was in the catagory with BOB and Barbi.AVI. From what I know this is what it says (Like I said this is what I think it says, I haven't read the story in 9 months)

    You wake up to hear your daughter crying from having a nightmare, you ask her about the dream and she says "In my dream when I told you the thing wearing Mommy's skin woke up" The sheets move.

    If you can tell me what the story is that would be great. Also Thanks if you find it for me :)

    (Keep in mind this is in no way of me trying to claim ownership of the story I simply wish to find the story again so I can reconmind it to a friend.)

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  • Dragonlord247


    July 12, 2014 by Dragonlord247

    i wish to know how to get some of the badges easier, i mean, i do my best to get them when i'm bored and i'm not playing videogames. could someone give me a "guide" to how to get some of the badges (some being 20)

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  • Dragonlord247

    who/what was the creepypasta that started it all? this is most likely the biggest question that could cross this wiki, i just want to know who/what is the OLDEST creepypasta. or hell even the first would be great.

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