So... after a few months of on-again, mostly off-again activity on the wiki, I'm back to say that, basically, I've returned.

I honestly felt pretty shitty when I was away about not being on to respond to users/do RB stuff/keep people updated about my situation, but to keep things short I unfortunately felt that it was necessary to completely step away from the wiki in order to deal with various IRL ongoings. I'm not going to go that in-depth with my stodgy personal dealings, but to give an idea of what I've been doing for the past while, it's been:

private issues + family concerns + an arduous job search + higher education stress + aggravating computer problems, including a period of time when I had no way of getting the internet + remarkably low spirits + some ill health for good measure × a disastrous, near-total loss of all motivation/inclination

I'm not trying to seem pitiful or anything, and it all probably seems like nothing compared to what others have gone through, but these reasons (especially the first two and last one) are why I've been so inactive lately. And after vanishing without much explanation for so long, I find at least some clarification appropriate. But fortunately at this point all this stuff has been mostly sorted out. Thanks to some serious contemplation, a new understanding of life and a new grasp on myself, I'm able to get back to wiki-ing.

But enough about all that mess! One good thing I should mention that I acquired during my leave, in the creepy spirit of this wiki:


^ That's a G. rosea tarantula, Ziggy (Figuring out the reasoning for the name shouldn't be too hard; it relates to another meterosexual actor/singer man-god).

So anyways, what's been going on around here? Aside from a few sporadic postings I've made in the recent couple months, I haven't been privy to the various wiki happenings. Anything major occur? Any rage-blogs about deleted OC stories? How's the salt been? Anything new at all?

P.S. - Not to get political or anything, but with Donald Trump elected U.S. president, that now makes Tim Curry one of very few actors to appear in a film alongside a U.S. president, owing to Trump's cameo in Home Alone 2. Apologies, but this is a very important development for Curryheads everywhere.

By any means, thanks for reading. Good to be back.