Today I've been re-visiting old creepypastas that I haven't read/watched in a while, probably in hope to recover nostalgia, pastas such as BEN, and Tulpa were the ones that recently I have re-read for fun, I have also been looking into the "Marble Hornets" project, I think I got up to entry 14 before I left to see more videos from vicious516, such as "February 29th 2012" which is fairy recent, but older ones that I have already seen such as "February 10th 2010". Now that I think about it, both of them having a date as a name, as well as being in February, I wonder if this is simply coidental, or something much more interesting, having one to do with a biological werewolf outbreak, while the latter is someones point of view knowing that a nuclear weapon will be used on the innocent public. This interests me,