Ok so at first I was going to make a CreepyPasta about this but idk how to start or end it so I thought I would just make a blog about it.Forgive me if I don't use proper grammer on this im working on correcting my grammer ok I just had to get this out there I want to know if anyone else sees what i see??So here it goes: Theres something ive never told anyone Im still decideing if its a good idea to write this so if you don't believe it I don't want any hate comments. Have you ever noticed that everywhere you look theres like a kind of...clear static everywhere? Like the static on a T.V screen but this is in real life and more clear and it can be easily ignored.Ive seen it for as long as I can remember its always been there.Look at anything and look real you see it to? If not im not supprised it appears im the only one who can see it or something im nervous to tell anyone because they might think im insane.Also have you never noticed that outside sometimes ((For me most of the time)) when the wind blows you can see a slight shadow on the ground.It appears that im the only one who notices it.It appears to be the winds shadow Idk any outher way to describe it and Idk how the wind can have a shadow but appearently it does. Thats all I haft to say for now bye.

Dorothy9998 (talk) 15:33, May 14, 2013 (UTC)