In the world of TV and film, there are many stages a story goes through before it gets to screen. There are different ideas and concepts there. Some of them are good, some of them are bad, and all of them are intriguing. Let's look over one now: Gotham.

Anyone who's followed my little blog knows I'm not the biggest fan of FOX's prequel to Batman. However, before the mediocre Gotham came around, there was another idea for a series called Gotham. And boy, is it awesome in comparison.

This Gotham isn't a prequel; Batman is around in this series. Also around and mentioned are Joker, the Riddler, Black Mask, and *romantic sigh* Harley Quinn. The story basically revolves around a native Gothamite who moves back to her hometown after her sister's murder by gang members dressed as GCPD officers. She tries to solve the murder, along with her father on the GCPD, and the Riddler, who befriended her sister after she beat him at a game of chess. That's the basic concept. However, there are other things I should mention:

1) A drug that derives from Joker Venom called "Joker's Wild."

2) The destruction of Metropolis.

3) A more interesting Riddler, rather than the creepy one on the GCPD in the Gotham we got.

4) A family that's descended from Ra's Al Ghul

5) Season 3 would've gone over the "Cataclysm" story arc. In the comics, this basically amounted to a huge earthquake in Gotham, and would lead to the awesomeness that is "No Man's Land."

6) Did I mention Harley Quinn?

Those are the highlights, but you get the idea. Shame we never got this.