Ever notice how there seems to be with the eyes of Creepypasta characters? Eyeless Jack has no eyes (as his name suggests). Squidward (from Squidward's Suicide) has those hyper-realistic or weird looking bleeding eyes. Herobrine's eyes are white. Jeff the Killer has no eyelids. Jane the Killer's eyes are black (that's probably the mask. Yes, she wears a mask. Unlike Jeff, her face wasn't bleached white). Slender Man has no eyes. Even obscure pasta characters, like Judge Angel, has black eyes. And the list goes on, though I'm too lazy to continue it.

So, I have to ask, why is Creepypasta so obsessed with eyes? Why must there be a lack of eyes, or bleeding eyes? Why can't there be bleeding mouths, or vaginas? Oh, wait...

Anyway, I just think Creepypasta characters should have some other part of their anatomy be weird. Why not their noses? Or ears? Or something else? You writers are only limited by your imagination, and human anatomy.

Oh, for the record, if you're going to do bleeding body parts, I do not recommend the vagina.