Recently, someone told me that in terms of literature and writing, Twilight is the worst thing ever. So, considering what I've done and what I do, I did the only logical thing: I laughed in his face, and showed him "The Build-A-Bear Workshop Massacer." He changed his tune soon after.

This got me thinking, and made me realize something: no matter how bad we think something is, there is always something worse. Some thought "Sonic.exe" was the worst piece of writing ever created, until it got a sequel. I thought "Jeff the Killer" was as worse as it got in terms of Creepypasta, then I read "Dead Bionicles", "White the Killer", "Slender Man vs. Eyeless Jack", "The True Jeff the Killer Story??", "Angry Sylvester", and "Pythor's Suicide", to name a few.

Recently, I've noticed that everyone seems to be focusing a lot on what's the worst Creepypasta story ever. I don't know if this was always a thing, or something that appeared recently, but it's a thing. And there's nothing wrong with it. But I'd like to let people know that however bad something might seem, there is always something worse.