Ever watch the show "Gotham"? If not, you should. It's pretty good.

That being said, I do have a few problems with it, especially the pilot episode. The main one I have is with the cameos, specifically Poison Ivy's.

You see, "Gotham" takes place right after the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne. In other words, Bruce Wayne is seven years old, and not THE GODDAMN BATMAN! (I love that line). So, naturally, there will be some cameos because fan service.

The pilot episode has way too many cameos, and some of them are stupid, the stupidest being Poison Ivy's.

In the comics and most other media, Poison Ivy's real name was Pamela Isley, and, if I remember correctly, she was a scientist. Here, she's a kid with abusive parents and her name is Ivy Pepper.

It's really the name that bothers me. Ivy Pepper makes me think of a porn star. And since Poison Ivy is a kid at this point, that's just a bit disturbing.

The show is making changes to the canon, I get it. And I'm fine with change to the canon, AS LONG AS IT MAKES SENSE AND IS NECESSARY. IVY PEPPER ISN'T NECESSARY.

Seriously, this is a dumb change. I can accept that James Gordon is investigating the death of the Waynes' in this show. That makes sense. Making Poison Ivy sound like a porn star isn't.

I really hope they don't actually go the extra mile and make her a porn star. Last thing we need is "Chicks and Cucumbers 3 Starring: Ivy Pepper." (Enjoy that mental image.)