I have not seen any of the Purge movies. I know the basic concept of it - for one night every year, crime is perfectly legal because plot - and have the Nostalgia Critic's review of the first one, along with the CinemaSins of it. But I have not seen the actual movies. So the idea I'm proposing may have been done. If it hasn't though, I have an idea!

Ok, so I'm sure there's some people who realize how stupid the whole Purge thing is, and may want to do something about it. Maybe ex-cops and ex-military. So, these people decide to become a vigilante force, and kill people commiting crimes. Think of it as a group of Punishers. A film crew has gotten word of this, and asks if it's ok to film them for a documentary, maybe with the intent of showing the stupidity behind the Purge, and perhaps getting the law repealed. During the night, the vigilantes are all killed, and only the film crew remains alive. So, they have to survive the night without the protection of the vigilantes.

This is my basic concept as of present. I might decide to add to it, I might not.

Now, I called the whole Purge thing stupid a few times. Let me clarify what I meant: I like the idea of it since it lends itself to quite a few stories. The fact that it's officially sanctioned by the government seems kind of idiotic though. Maybe if gangs became more powerful and had a political clout, maybe they could influence the passing of such a law, but from what I know such a thing has not happened in the Purge universe.

Anyway, that's my idea for what a third Purge should be, even though I haven't seen the first two (so take my opinions with a grain of salt here), since they are doing a third one. What do you people reading this think? Is it a good idea? Is it a bad idea? Am I a bad writer? Am I a "retarted fagit"? Leave your opinions in the comments below, and I'll read them since there probably won't be a lot.