Well, we found El Catrin. Sort of. He was there, but kicked the asses of me, Indo, and the Doomsayer. Also, his hat talks. Yeah. I'm not sure how that works; maybe the 'hat' or whatever the hell it is acts like a brain of some sort for El Catrin. A very talkative brain, who said that the Doomsayer knew how to beat him, but is scared to admit it, among other things (those other things include jibes, insults, and disturbingly pedophilic remarks). But before he said that, Mr. Catrin pretty much bitch-slapped me into unconsciousness with his tentacles, and started strangling Doomsayer, until Indo came and sliced El Catrin's back open. Doomsayer was saved (and still conscious), but El Catrin burned a symbol into Indo similar to an Operator symbol, except with a Z instead of an X. She's alive, but hurting (She doesn't have regenerative powers as strong as mine). El Catrin pulled a disappearing act, but not before dispensing that aforementioned piece of information. And I'm pissed at Doomsayer, for not helping her and telling us how to stop El Catrin, and El Catrin, for hurting her. So, there's that bit of bad news. But, there is a bit of good news here: Spider-Man has joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe!


For months, I have been saying that this should happen because it would be awesome. And it did. However, the next Spidey movie isn't coming out until 2017. Yeah, Spidey is going to be part of "Phase Three", and his own movie is coming out before Infinity War. There aren't many details on who could be playing Spidey, the story, etc, but this is still great. The movies from the MCU seem to be light and fun (for the most part), which is what a Spider-Man movie should be. Spider-Man is a smartass, and while his stories have gotten darker, he's not a dark character.

Now, there's always a chance Marvel could royally screw this up. But I have some faith in them, since they've put out so many good movies (Avengers, Captain America: Winter Solider, Guardians of the Galaxy), and even the ones that aren't very good (Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3, Thor, Thor: The Dark World) don't royally suck.

That all being said, I'll have higher expectations, so Marvel, don't screw this up.

So, there's that bit of awesomeness that happened. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a Doomsayer to yell at. (I didn't before because I was staying by Indo's side until the ship's Emergency Medical Hologram got her stabilized, and then I just needed to be alone, and then I found out about the Spidey MCU thing)

So, what do you all think? Is Doomsayer a rat bastard? Is El Catrin a liar? Is Spider-Man joining the MCU a good thing? Do you wish that I was the one hurt by El Catrin? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.