We've all heard of some of the popular Slender Man ARGs: Marble Hornets, DarkHarvest001, EverymanHYRBID, TribeTwelve, etc. But there is other good fan-made Slender media: the Slenderblogs.

Despite the fact that I spend my weekends reading absolute garbage (and going through my stash of alcohol. Seriously, don't play the "Sonic.exe" drinking game unless you're very well stocked. Hell, don't even read that story unless you're very well stocked), I do actually like good writing. And I also like Slender Man. So when I stumbled upon the Slenderblogs, I knew I found quite a bit of reading material. Granted, I found it yesterday, though I did go through all the posts and comments in one blog (I'm a fast reader. And talker. And writer), finished another, and started a third. Honestly, I've had a blast reading them.

That being said, some do suck. The first one I read was quick, and all that really happened was that some guy was being stalked by Slender Man, and that's it. Also, there's supposedly a Slenderblog that involves the writer eating one of Slender Man's arm (I found out about this is the comments of a good blog, "Make It Count", along with the phrase "Slender Man's wanking arm."), making Slender Man into his slave, and finding out that there are Slender Men. By the way, Doomsayer, is any of that true? aNyOnE wHo AtE hIm WoUlD dIe. Well there you go. Anyway, I might Riff that blog, because some of you seem to like my work.

That being said, there are some good ones. "Make It Count" is great and was a lot of fun, and I've started "Seeking Truth", which connects with "Make It Count." Yeah, apparently some of these blogs exist in an interconnected universe, like the Marvel movies (By the way, I'm calling the "Slenderverse" created through the blogs "Marvel Hornets". Yes, I know, Marble Hornets exists on its own and doesn't connect to the other ARGs, but screw you, I like puns), so that's awesome.

Like I've said, I've just started reading these, but I've been having a blast. And if any suck, well, I have more Riffing material. Speaking of blog Riffs, some of the BIONICLE stories I plan to Riff are from a blog of sorts. So I have some experience. (By the way, if you're a BIONICLE fan and/or like my Riffs, check out my BIONICLE Riffs, on the BIONICLE Wiki! Here's a link to my first post for anyone who's curious: Yes, I'm shameless, sue me. But it's free and mildly funny, so deal with it.)

So, do you think the Slenderblogs are good? Are they bad? Do you have any recommedations? Do you wish my blog would end up as a descent into Slender Man induced insanity? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!