I mentioned in my rant about Slender Mansion that I would talk about shipping at some point. Well, this is that point.

I am not a fan of Creepypasta shipping. A lot of it makes no sense. For example, BenxJeff (BEN Drowned and Jeff the Killer if you couldn't tell). BEN is a being haunting a game cartridge, and has no corporal form. Jeff the Killer is a psychotic serial killer. And these two characters have never met. (Hence part of the need for Slender Mansion. See how it all fits together?) Or SlendyxJeff. Slender Man does not express romantic tendencies. Please don't attach any to him. Honestly, the only one that makes some semblance of sense is JanexJeff, since these characters have met, and Jeff feels something for Jane, if I remember correctly. (A lot of these ships are based around Jeff. Weird.)

Also, side note, why is Jeff a romantic character to some fangirls? He's a psychopath who cut up his face and killed his family. Hell, why are any of the Creepypasta characters romantic to them? That's not the point, and I'm not sure how you go from stalker/killer/sadist to sexy fanart material. Well, Slendy I can kind of understand when it comes to fanart; those tentacles just scream hentai. But the rest?

Anyway, my main point is this: I'm not a big fan of shipping, at least of Creepypasta characters. In other things, like comics, sure, but not Creepypasta. Creepypasta characters rarely express (canon) romantic tendencies. And they're not supposed to. Last time romance was introduced to horror, we got Twilight. Need I say more?