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Reboot (Idea)

An idea I had some time ago, and would like to do more with: Basically, it revolves around a superhero in a comic. After finally defeating his greatest foe, he goes to sleep, and wakes up in a completely different world. Things are the same, but...different. In other words, his world's been rebooted.

He doesn't realize this at first. It takes quite a bit for him to realize it, and it pushes him over the edge. He eventually is able to break the fourth wall, and ends up at a comic book convention. A thought occurs to him: if he kills everyone, then maybe his world will go back to normal, or at least it won't change again.

This is both an interesting (in my opinion) Creepypasta, and a bit of a commentary on comic reboots.

Any thoughts, either positive or negative? Have any ideas you want to add? Want to insult my mother? Please, let me know in the comments.

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