Greetings from Mexico...sort of. Yeah, technically, we here aboard the Cheese Doodle are in orbit above Mexico right now, scanning for the elusive El Catrin. Since I have time to kill (and Indo wanted to actually sleep rather than "sleep together"), I decided to do a bit of a rant on the Poltergeist trailer.

Now, disclaimer: I have not seen the original Poltergeist, so I have nothing to really compare here. Also, anyone wishing to call me rude names because I haven't seen it, please wait until you've finished reading the whole thing. Anyway, since I have nothing to compare this unneccesary reboot to, I can say that, well, I liked the trailer. As a horror movie trailer, it's not that bad. Now, is the trailer as scary as the one for Alien? Oh, hell no, but it's passable.

Those are really my thoughts on it. Honestly, I'm not the guy to talk to when it comes to horror. I'm the superhero/comic/movie/tv/BIONICLE/smartass/story arc guy. Horror is something that I'm kind of new to. Now, will I see Poltergeist (the original)? Of course, but when I'm not busy trying to stop a skull-headed guy from conquering the universe. So it might be a while.

Sorry for the short post, but I don't have much to say here. And El Catrin has been found. I'll update what happens tomorrow.

So, what do you all think? Is the trailer good? Bad? Should I be burnt at the stake for my ignorance? Let me know in the comments below.