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Dorkpool February 22, 2015 User blog:Dorkpool

I'd like to think I've made it abundantly clear that I'm a fan of BIONICLE. If I haven't, I like BIONICLE. Why am I saying this? Because during the original run of BIONICLE, story serials were released online that ran parallel to the main story going on. I personally like all of them, but, while doing the Creepypasta Riffs, a thought occurred to me: Why not Riff those?

Well, I am. Starting with the first serial (Dreams of Destruction), every Saturday and Sunday, starting today, I'm going to release at least one Riff of a chapter of a certain story serial. Much like how I do the Creepypasta Riffs on the Creepypasta Wiki, I'm doing these ones on the BIONICLE Wiki. For those too lazy to look up the Wiki on their own, here's a link:

Now, I'm still going to be doing the Creepypasta Riffs, don't worry. But for those who like BIONICLE and/or my Riffs, you might want to check that out.

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