I see quite a few blog posts complaining about admins, and how they take down certain users pastas after they worked for so long on them. Now, those people who got their pastas taken down have every right to be annoyed, but, rather than taking to their blogs and complaining about the evils of admins, should ask themselves why it was taken down, and how they can make it better. I know it might be hard to take criticism, but if it helps make your story better, take some and apply it.

And don't complain about how cruel the admins are. Admins aren't evil. While some of their judgement might be misguided, they usually have a good reason for doing things. If they take down your pasta, then it's probably because there's something wrong with it, not because they want to make your life miserable or deprive the world of a work of literary genius. They volunteer on a Wiki about writing and stories. If the story's good, they'll probably keep it up, if only to show people what a good story looks like. (That being said, some bad pastas are still up. Jeff the Killer, anyone?)

Listen, I understand that it's hard to get your work taken down after all the work you put into it. But rather than complain about how unfair it is, and then get comments saying what's wrong with your work, just ask what's wrong with it, and do some editing. Simple as that.