Oh god. Why? Just...why?

Ok, allow me to add a bit more context: Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever. Yes, that Grumpy Cat. In a Christmas special. Who thought that was a good idea? Wait, it was on Lifetime. Ok, that explains it.

Anyway, the story goes as such: generic teen female stays in a mall and meets Grumpy Cat. Generic teen female is lonely, and has no friends, until she starts to understand Grumpy Cat. She returns to the mall later (after it's closed) to talk to the cat, when two idiotic robbers come in and try and steal a dog that costs a lot (go with it). Generic teen female and Grumpy Cat attack the robbers, there's a stupid twist, and generic teen female keeps Grumpy Cat.

Allow me to tell you what this special is in a nutshell: a cash grab with Grumpy Cat and a lazy Home Alone style plot put in there because they needed a story. Now, how do I know it's a Home Alone style plot? Well, let's go over the checklist:

Child in a building where he/she has to fend for themselves against intruders? Check.

Idiotic henchmen villains who act as comic relief and fail spectacularly? Check.

Said idiots getting attacked by traps from the child? Check.

Crotch shot? Check.

Parent(s) who don't know where their kid is? Check.

Yeah, so there's that. So, in those regards, it's bland.

However, there are a few good parts, specifically those with Grumpy Cat. Yep, the titular female feline is a fourth wall breaking smartass aware of the fact that she's in a crappy special and that she's an Internet meme. Grumpy Cat has quite a few funny lines, and is the best part of this bland mess, since she's the only "original" element in the special. But even then, she can be a bit grating. How grating really depends on your taste.

Other than that, it's bland and stupid and has a Home Alone style plot that's been done a million times.

Oh well. At least Macaulay Culkin isn't in this.