The trailer for the new Fantastic Four movie came out yesterday. This movie has been a huge question mark for everyone, since almost no information about the movie has come out. We know that it exists, it's based a bit off the Ultimate universe, the Human Torch is black, and Doctor Doom is a hacker. That's it. So the trailer coming out was kind of a big deal. And I saw it! And...well, it fails as a trailers.

Let's compare trailers here: Age of Ultron and Fantastic Four. Age of Ultron shows us the main villain, some cool scenes, and is well put together (also, it created an Internet meme). The Fantastic Four trailer, while it is somewhat well put together, doesn't really show many cool scenes, and doesn't introduce the villain, or really any information. Trailers are supposed to give the audience a bit of information about the movie (unless it's a teaser trailer that just exists to let the general public know the movie exists) and make the audience want to see it. Age of Ultron does that incredibly. Fantastic Four really doesn't. If I didn't have the little bit of beforehand information about the movie, then I would know almost nothing about the movie except that it exists and the Human Torch is black. Also, the military is there.

Josh Trank, the director of the movie, said he wanted to give out only a little bit of info, and in context, like in a trailer, so that people wouldn't judge the movie before seeing any footage. Hence the lack of any set photos, story details, etc. So the trailer was supposed to be our first experience with the movie. Now, they could've released something awesome with a bit of information to get everyone hyped. Or you could release military stock footage, a couple of shots of the group with their powers (or, rather, the Thing and Human Torch. I can understand not seeing the Invisible Woman, but Mr. Fantastic? Come on.), and stereotypical trailer music and epic sounding voice over talking about power, destiny, or whatever.

I'm still willing to give the movie a chance. A lot of people said, "The Human Torch is black? I'm out. The movie is ruined." I'm willing to keep an open mind, since I don't know or care much about the Fantastic Four (When it comes to Spider-Man, I would be annoyed if shit like that was pulled). And considering the first Fantastic Four movies (the released ones, not the one from Roger Corman), well, I'm not sure this one can do worse. I hope. 

Oh well. If this movie sucks, then I guess Fox will forget about Fantastic Four, and maybe send some of their funds to Deadpool. Seriously, Fox, you can screw up Fantastic Four, but if the new Deadpool movie has even a hint of adamantium sword arms, I will be pissed.