I've come to realize something about fandoms: they're all pretty awful. That's not to say everyone in a fandom is awful, but in general, as a whole, they're kind of awful.

Also, in other news, water is wet and paper is thin.

Anyway, speaking of fandoms, let's talk a bit about our lovely little fandom. I've been a part of this Wiki for over a year, and a fan of Creepypasta for a longer time, and have, in that time, made some observations. Observations about people, about stories, and about this fandom. In fact, I've come to realize this fandom can be divided into two groups: the fangirls and the snobs. You can tell by the names who these people are. If not, I'm sure what I'll say next will clear it up.

The two groups don't exactly like each other very much. The snobs look at the fangirls as prepubscent emos who have an unhealthy obsession with Jeff the Killer, and ship him with Slender Man. The fangirls looks at the snobs as stupid pricks who care too much about spelling and grammar and should allow anything onto the Wiki.

And, you know what, in some cases, the groups are right. I know folks who fit in those stereotypical categories.

I say this as someone who has seen and talked to people in both groups, and have read and Riffed stories from authors who are in these groups. I don't say this as a criticism to either group, just as an observation.

Do I have a point to this? Kinda. Mainly, it's this: don't act like your fandom is better. Don't act like your group is better. And don't act like you're better than a certain group of folks. Because you know what? At the end of the day, we all suck.

Ok, you may all proceed to write nasty comments.