Dear WatchMojo,

You guys don't really know much about Creepypasta, do you?

You put out two top 10 lists, one on the top 10 scariest Creepypastas, and another on the top 10 scariest gaming urban legends (or something like that), and put stories on them that aren't remotely scary.

Let's start with your top 10 Creepypasta list, shall we? Why in the name of William Shanter's girdle is "Jeff the Killer" on the number 2 spot? Hell, why is that story even on there? I mean, if it were a list of top 10 popular Creepypasta stories, that's understandable. "Jeff the Killer," while awful, is bizarrely popular. However, on this list you also have a story called "Persuaded," which isn't exactly popular. So that kind of puts a hole in that theory.

Listen, there are thousands of Creepypasta stories in existence, and quite a few are much scarier than any of the classics. Take a look at those. Seriously, "Jeff the Killer" should not be on that list, and Slender Man should not be in the number 1 spot. I like Slendy, but he's not scary once you realize he's just living tentacle hentai.

As for your other list, why is "Sonic.exe" even on there? Not only is it godawful, but if the author of that story sees the list, his already large ego will continue to inflate. (Seriously, the author of the "Sonic.exe" stories lives in this delusional world in which his stories are works of genius with millions of fans, and anyone who says otherwise is a furry hater. How I wish I were joking) Seriously, that story is just awful, worse than "Jeff the Killer." At least Jeff, at the time, was sort of original, and had a somewhat scary looking picture. Can't say the same for "Sonic.exe" or its sequel.

Anyway, the point is that you guys should do some actual research into these things before posting videos, or you'll end up looking kind of stupid.