Dear North Korea,

I never thought I'd ever thank North Korea for anything. Yet I feel I have to at least acknowledge the Sony leaks, since they revealed information about Spider-Man. So, thanks...ish... for that.

That being said, you guys don't understand people very well, do you? You making a stink about a movie that offends you (The Interview) draws more attention to it. Now, if you don't like the movie, you don't want people to see or talk about it, right? Yet, by doing what you did, you created the exact opposite effect.

What's really funny is that, from what I've heard, The Interview wasn't all that good. If you didn't get your panties in a bunch and decided to hack Sony, not many people would care much about it. It would get an audience, but people would quickly forget about it.

However, by making a big deal about it, you guys made the movie stick in everyone's collective conciousness a lot longer. Now they'll think of The Interview as the movie that North Korea got all pissy about, rather than as a crappy movie with Seth Rogan and James Franco.

So, a piece of advice: if a movie pissed you off, don't make such a fuss about it. Just let it run its course.

Also, another piece of advice: Feed your people.