Dear Marvel and/or Sony,

There's a rumor going about that for the next Spider-Man movie, Peter Parker won't be white, but that it will be Peter Parker behind the mask. So, I have one question: ARE YOU GUYS FUCKING MORONS?!?!

I'm not angry that we could have a black Spider-Man; I'm angry that there is a black Spider-Man (well, half-black, half-Hispanic), Miles Morales, and instead of using him, you decide to make Peter Parker black. That is a waste, and stupid as hell! A black Johnny Storm is one thing, but black Peter Parker? Especially when Miles Morales exists.

Listen, I get why you're doing this: diversity means money, and after those Sony leaks, the heads of Sony seem kind of racist. So, doing this means more money and the possible dispelling of those rumors. However, that does not excuse the idiocy of this. Miles Morales exists, and is black! If you want an African-American Spider-Man, use him! Don't piss off comic book fans by changing Peter Parker's race!

Marvel, if you guys have anything to do with this, I have to say that I'm really disappointed. I was expecting you to keep to the comics and deliver and enjoyable movie. Well, it's pretty hard to enjoy a Spider-Man movie if I'm thinking, "Seriously, you guys could have used Miles Morales." Guys, if you're going with a black Spider-Man, go with Miles Morales. He's black, and, among other things, has a cool costume and interesting powers (I have to admit, I don't know much about Miles Morales, or the Ultimate universe in general. I'm more of a 616 guy). Fans have been clamoring for him, and you guys are disappointing them and me.

So, if you guys go this route, then all I have to say is FUCK YOU.