Dear Marvel Comics,

Remember when last time we talked, I said I respected you for not doing a reboot? Why is it that you almost immediately decide to announce Secret Wars after I said that?

To bring everyone up to speed, Secret Wars (which takes the name of a miniseries from the 1980s most notable for introducing Spider-Man's black costume, among other things) is basically a reboot of sorts for the Marvel universe, which combines elements of the Ultimate, 616, and multple parallel universe into one world. Intriguing, yes, but it's a reboot.

Now, I'm not the biggest fan of reboots. Sometimes it works (the eleventh Star Trek movie, BIONICLE), and sometimes it doesn't (The Amazing Spider-Man), but unless it's absolutely necessary, I'm usually a bit annoyed. And Secret Wars is not necessary.

Now, angry "change is evil, stop ruining my childhood, wah!" aside, there are parts of it that do seem interesting. First, parallel universes. If there's one thing I happen to like, it's parallel universes. So having them here is a cool idea. Granted, you're combining them, but I still like that. Also, the combining part is interesting. Second, Spider-Man being married. Yeah, one of the alternate universes introduced here has a happily married Spider-Man with a daughter. After One More Day and Spider-Man's deal with Satan, I mean Mephisto...ok, I actually mean Satan. Point is, after that, reintroducing a married Spider-Man is an interesting idea. Provided you don't just kill him, or his wife, or his kid, or all three. And considering Ultimatum, the heartless murder of this Parker family wouldn't surprise me. Third, Alex Ross covers. Anyone who's seen any of his artwork knows why I have this here.

Now, despite all these pros and interesting ideas, I'm not still completely on board with this. That being said, I'm still going to buy it. Why, you might ask. Simple: Alex Ross covers. Seriously, that guy does some good work. Have you read Marvels or Kingdom Come? If not, you should.