The Deadpool is moving forward, thankfully. Took long enough, considering the movie has been in development since around 2002. And while Deadpool was in X-Men Origins...okay, he really wasn't. It was just some crappy being of idiocy that took a dump all over the Mouthy Merc's mythos. But it seems Fox is willing to apologize for their terrible mistake, since there is a Deadpool movie coming out in a year.

Now, some might worry that Fox might fuck up the character once more, but I doubt that. The reason the movie got the green light was because of some test footage that was released that showed what a Deadpool movie should be like. I feel like Fox realizes that a lot of profit can be made from doing the movie like that. And some time before the test footage was leaked, an early draft of the script for the movie was also leaked. I have read it, and I will say it is glorious, and if the movie follows it, it shall be great. And considering that from what I heard they are using that script, well, this movie seems awesome.

The cast and creators seem to think so. Ryan Reynolds, the guy playing Wade Wilson/Deadpool regularly gushes about the movie, and recently released a picture on Twitter of the costume for the movie (or at least the mask), which looks great. Everyone seems enthusiastic about the movie, and I for one hope that it will go forth and be epic.

That's...really all I have to say about this. Based on what I know, the movie will be epic, and based on the test footage, Ryan Reynolds is a good fit for Deadpool, and based on the picture, the costume looks great. I have heard nothing stupid or terrible about the movie, and I'm excited to see how it goes.

And besides, it can't be worse than X-Men Origins, can it?

(Note: Fox, that's not a challenge, that's my hope. Please don't shatter it into more pieces than a Lego Death Star.)