Since I'm not putting full Riffs on this site anymore, I'm just going to have previews of them here. Here's a taste of what you're getting from the Riff:

For my first Riff on this lovely new site, I thought I'd Riff something new, different, and awesome. But then I thought, "Fuck it, I'll Riff some garbage from the Creepylasta Land Wiki." And, like most stuff from there, this is incredibly stupid. But don't take my word for it. Let's order some pizza and Riff this bitch!

There was one night about a teenage girl ordering pizza hut because you can have pizza for one hour.

There was one day where that made sense. That day: Decembuary 33, -5209.

Once the pizza delivery come, he said " can i be in your house for a little.

The girl said "yes" then the delivery person went to the bathroom. A few mins later, she open and saw him dead. after she eat the pizza in the box,

(Girl): Hm, there’s a corpse, but hey, pizza!

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